Our insights and development plans are fit for purpose.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke approaches to your unique problems. Our inhouse consulting team and international partners bring cutting edge solutions and tech with strong scientific backing, ensuring outcomes are scientifically backed and measured. Our diverse team ensures you receive unrivalled service in getting the most from the talent you have. We provide HSEQ specific and wider business consulting services and benchmarks, giving you the flexibility to gain insights into your business at large.

​MAPP has improved the self-awareness of everyone in the team and has helped us to appreciate how to work with each other more effectively. We’ll be using it in the future to help to understand and improve engagement and motivations throughout the team. I think it's a great tool and one that every manager needs to make use of.

Edward Godsiffe, Head of Sustainability

​It was a really useful activity (MAPP) to do as a team. Everyone appreciated the feedback they received and gave me a better understanding of learning styles, career goals, and how people operate and communicate. It’s also important that they (Shirley Parsons) are actively trying to do things that can help the profession and add real value. We need more people entering the health, safety, and environmental industry and by working together we can create these opportunities.

Adam Clarke, Managing Director Consultancy

​I’d like to thank Shirley Parsons and the Talent Consultancy team for the time and effort they put into the whole process. MAPP was a great fit for TMD and has enabled us to open doors and have those conversations with our team which we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

Lynn Edwards, Vice President HSE

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What We Do

Having the right culture and behaviours is what drives success. We engage your people and wider business in shaping a future that supports you to create high performing teams.

Talent Consultancy - People Insights

​Developing your teams starts with understanding them on a deeper level. Through the use of our MAPP tool we uncover their Motivations, Aspirations, and Personality along with how to assist their Progression. This includes a session with an organisational psychologist to dig deeper into how to best develop each member of your team.

Talent Consultancy - Culture Insights

Having an organisation of high performers starts from the ground up. Our cultural insights empower you to discover how your company at large is performing. From safety culture insights to cultural audits and D&I analysis. We assist you in finding out about the wider culture of your team or business and designing the interventions and path to achieving greatness.

Talent Consultancy - Talent Management

Attracting, managing and maintaining your talented people is one of largest challenges that face many businesses. From employer brand audits to talent strategies and engagement paths. We will help you keep and develop your talent.

Talent Consultancy - Soft Skills Development

Through workshops, webinars and coaching, we will develop the soft skills your team needs to influence, communicate and work at a higher level. Our team will work with you to develop a plan with your team, alongside regular follow up to ensure they are growing after each session.

Talent Consultancy - Leadership Development

Our team and partners are experts in leadership development, we will help you develop and empower the leaders in your business. We also will assist you in identifying and growing the leadership potential you have within the talent in your business.

Our Approach:

No matter the problem we always keep a few core concepts close.

Discovery: We start by fully understanding the needs and goals of your business or team.

Bespoke: Our evidence based approach is based on cutting edge research and bespoke to your needs.

Collaborative: We work with you to align our solutions not only to your issues and needs but also your wider business goals.

Engaging: We bring your people along for the journey, making sure the work we do is interactive and exciting. It’s not us forcing a process, it’s us working with you to develop.

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​Build The Best Team Using MAPP

Your goal is to build the best team. Our role is to help you.

MAPP is our bespoke HSEQ and Sustainability profiling tool. It benchmarks against 'best in class' traits and builds up a holistic view of an individual, team or organisation. It is fully scalable and operates throughout the entire talent lifecyle, from attraction and recruitment through to personal development and succession planning.

The Team

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    Shona Paterson


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    Jordan Harlow

    Occupational Psychology Consultant

Discover What We Offer

We work with you to deliver flexible solutions for your needs. For some, this is the recruitment of a specialist to join their team. For others, it is the management of a full project. But, for ours, it is using our bespoke MAPP tool enabling you to understand your organisation, your team and you at a much deeper level.