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Shirley Parsons Move Away From a Values-Based Organisation to one Focused on Behaviours.

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago
Chris Jones Shirley Parsons

​​Shirley Parsons Head of Human Resources, Christopher Jones explains why embracing behaviour for strategic alignment can lead to measurable success.

In the dynamic world of corporate culture, staying ahead of the curve requires constant improvement and strategic alignment. Here at Shirley Parsons, we have exemplified this commitment.

This is why in 2023 we embarked on a significant cultural shift, transitioning from a values-based approach to a behaviourally led one. This transformation, driven by a partnership with Culture by Design (CBD), is yielding promising results.

Partnering for a structured transformation.

​Shirley Parsons' dedication to continuous internal review fostered a pursuit of a more action-oriented cultural approach. Inspired by David Friedman's "CultureWise"system, we have embraced the power of behavioural clarity and alignment.

​Chris says:

“As a global consultancy we have a culture of ongoing internal, strategic review, always questioning ‘how can we do better.”

In 2023, Shirley Parsons became one of the first UK businesses to partner with CBD. This partnership led to a structured cultural change program built on five core principles:

  • ​Strategic Alignment: behaviours directly support the company's strategic goals and mission.

  • Clear Definition: Specific and well-defined behaviours are clearly communicated throughout the organization.

  • Leadership Role Modelling: Leaders serve as role models, exemplifying desired behaviours.

  • Continuous Reinforcement: Recognition programs and feedback loops consistently reinforce desired behaviours.

  • Adaptability: The culture remains flexible, adapting to changing business environments while upholding core values.

Benefits of a behaviourally driven culture.

Transitioning to a behaviourally led approach has brought numerous advantages to Shirley Parsons, including:

  • Measurable Progress: Observable behaviours allow for easier assessment of the cultural transformation's effectiveness.

  • Enhanced Clarity: Clearly defined expectations minimise misinterpretations and promote consistent behaviour across the organisation.

  • Values in Action: Behaviours translate values into concrete actions, bridging the gap between aspiration and reality.

  • Accountability and Improvement: Tangible behaviours facilitate accountability and provide a basis for ongoing feedback and development.

  • Adaptability for Growth: Behavioural cultures are more adaptable to change, allowing the company to evolve with shifting priorities.

  • Employee Engagement and Recognition: Recognising desired behaviours fosters a more engaged workforce and reinforces cultural expectations.

Challenges and collaboration.

Shirley Parsons' cultural transformation from values-based to behaviourally led exemplifies the power of strategic alignment and continuous improvement. By embracing behavioural principles, we have enhanced clarity, accountability, and employee engagement, positioning us for sustained success in a dynamic business landscape.

He says:

“We are now midway in Cycle 2 of our implementation of the programme, and we are seeing some real progress. As with any change programmes, there have been challenges; especially adapting a US programme to a global audience but we have made great strides. Should anyone be contemplating moving to a behaviour led structure, please feel free to get in touch to ask us how we are managing the process."

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