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As your career partner we’ll find you the right challenge.

“Shirley Parsons are extremely well-connected and well-known in the HSEQ profession. They have a focussed approach and take the time to understand my needs”

Stephen Covey provided what was to become a hugely used leadership quote when he stated, “First seek to understand…” and in our line of work, at Shirley Parsons, we believe that understanding starts with you.

Our mission is to be your career agent – a partner that understands you and will advise as you make crucial career decisions. Whether active or passive in the job market, we work with you to understand your strengths, your motivations, and the environments in which you perform best. This enables us to be there for you when you need us, offering advice and market insights at key junctures in your career, not just when you are being represented by us.

Shirley Parsons (the person) is a respected HSEQ industry veteran. Having established one of Europe’s leading EHS consulting companies (Sypol) she became one of the sector’s best-known names and her network of people in HSEQ is unrivalled. In 2005, Shirley decided to move from professional EHS consulting into career consulting in the HSEQ sector. She founded Shirley Parsons Ltd as a Professional Talent Practice, providing executive search and talent acquisition services for HSEQ professionals.

Are you a senior HSEQ Professional looking to make your next move? Contact Shirley Parsons today for a confidential conversation about your career aspirations.
Help With Your Career Aspirations

Over the years Shirley has coached and developed her teams (presently over 50 people) in the UK and USA, many of whom have progressed to become an executive search consultant and career advisor. If you are an HSEQ director or leader, be it at board level or reporting to board, then we’d like to talk.

Regardless of your immediate or not-so-immediate career aspirations, it makes sense to have an exploratory meeting to see if and how we can help. A positive outcome from this initial activity means that we can progress to be a multi-faceted career agent – a source of market intelligence, career advice, and job opportunities.

A Global Talent Network

Our global network of HSEQ leaders is already substantial, though we never assume it is complete. Please contact us to find out how we can add value to your career in more ways than just finding your next position for you. Many people have been part of our network in one form or another for over 30 years, we’d be happy to introduce you and let them explain what value we can add.


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Meet Our Team

  • Shirley Parsons

    Shirley Parsons

    Founder & Brand Ambassador

  • Paul Roebuck

    Paul Roebuck

    Group CEO

  • Gerry Pearson

    Gerry Pearson

    Managing Partner

  • Ben Hiner

    Ben Hiner


  • Nick Farkas

    Nick Farkas

    Director of Project Services

  • Shona Paterson

    Shona Paterson


  • Phillip Muston

    Phillip Muston

    Head of Careers

  • Helen Gibbs

    Helen Gibbs

    Partner & Account Manager

  • Liam Tiddy

    Liam Tiddy

    Head of Search

  • Sam Chappell

    Sam Chappell

    USA - Director & Co-Founder

  • Duncan Cooke

    Duncan Cooke

    Regional Lead

  • Yu Pin Lin

    Yu Pin Lin

    Country Manager - Taiwan

  • Chloe Howard

    Chloe Howard

    Divisional Leader, Shirley Parsons Canada

  • Ryan Binnee

    Ryan Binnee

    Managing Health and Safety Careers Consultant

  • Emily Swindlehurst

    Emily Swindlehurst

    Lead Careers Consultant - Environment & Sustainability

  • Jessica Plested

    Jessica Plested

    Principal Careers Consultant

  • Mike Roebuck

    Mike Roebuck

    Senior Careers Consultant

  • Jonny Montgomery

    Jonny Montgomery

    Head of Project Services - Quality

  • Louie Covello

    Louie Covello

    Managing Consultant

  • Tom Nicholls

    Tom Nicholls

    Principal Consultant