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Your goal is to build the best team. Our goal is to help you get there, with multi-dimensional assessments, backed by science and delivered by our team of HSEQ experts.

MAPP, formally named RoTI, is our bespoke, HSEQ specific profiling tool that vastly increases the chances of good talent match. It benchmarks against ‘best in class’ HSEQ traits and builds up a holistic view of an individual, team or organisation.

It’s fully scalable and operates throughout the entire talent lifecycle, from attraction and recruitment through to personal development and succession planning.

Shirley Parsons are dedicated to finding the best talent match for your organisation and for every candidate.

The right match means that organisations receive a positive return on their talent investment and the employee makes a positive step forward in achieving their career ambitions. Our bespoke MAPP tool enables us to understand organisations, teams and individuals at a much deeper level.

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How can MAPP help me?How can MAPP help my team?

HSEQ traits and building a team

MAPP is a personality profiling tool, based on The Five Factor model (believed to have the strongest scientific validity of all personality assessment) and gives an indication of a candidate’s job fit. With the ability to benchmark this against ‘best in class’ HSEQ traits (derived from our extensive validation study), this offers the hiring organisation a much richer knowledge of the candidate, whilst also raising self-awareness and deeper thinking from the candidate – all of which mitigates against the risk of making the wrong hire. MAPP can be used in two ways, either with existing teams or future hires.

Greater return on your investment
Attract and retain top talent
Increase team performance
Future-proof your business

Existing teams

MAPP operates at Team level to gain a deeper understand of Team abilities and skills, highlighting areas of strength, dominant traits and potential gaps to fill through future hires. Our Talent Insight report and workshop offers managers and team members the opportunity to develop knowledge on how they best interact and work together, how they can increase productivity and engagement, and how their business compares to the wider industry. When conducted regularly, MAPP plays an important part in team and individual development, helping organisations to make sure they continue to have the right talent mix in place, and for individuals to realise and achieve their career aspirations.

New hires

When linked to the hiring process, MAPP offers organisations a greater understanding and appreciate of candidates, which is often hard to glean from a traditional recruitment process. By benchmarking personality traits against ‘best in class’ HSEQ professionals, organisations can be confident of getting the right long-term match, thus enabling a much higher return on their talent investment. For candidates, the process not only reinforces the organisations commitment to choosing the right talent, but offers them valuable insight into themselves, raising emotional intelligence and appreciation of career aspirations.

MAPP offers hiring managers valuable prior knowledge before interviewing a candidate, along with interview questions to delve deeper to further aid understanding. It can added to any of the Shirley Parsons talent models, including Executive Search, Retained or Contingency recruitment.

Case Study - MAPP provides insight for YODEL HSEQ relaunch

YODEL, the UK’s leading delivery business, utilised MAPP to understand the aspirations and motivations of its HSEQ team. This insight has assisted the Director to improve the internal effectiveness of his team and to gain buy-in from the Board to rebrand and relaunch the HSEQ function.

MAPP was used to maximise the effectiveness of the new team, individually and collectively – by understanding personalities, strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and motivations.

MAPP enabled:

  • Greater self and team awareness, leading to increased effectiveness

  • Confidence and knowledge in the Director of HSEQ for them to transform their function

  • The HSEQ Team to have greater influence and engagement with the Senior Executive Team

  • Increased awareness of wider industry-specific trends and engagement drivers – helping to engage with and retain top talent

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