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MAPP Helps HSE Team Work Better Together

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

Shirley Parsons supports an HSE team's commitment to cognitive diversity.


A global leader in design and engineering consultancy created a new centralised Health & Safety team led by an experienced HSE leader. Many of the team had not worked together before and therefore had no clear understanding of the communication and working styles of their new colleagues.


The Director of HSE selected Shirley Parsons Talent Consultancy to undertake a team awareness project based on their MAPP tool. Each member of the HSE team completed an individual MAPP questionnaire and the Shirley Parsons Occupational Psychology team provided detailed 1-2-1 feedback with every team member. Each member then shared the results of their report with their colleagues in a facilitated workshop and the team then discussed how they could work more effectively together. The Shirley Parsons psychologist provided guidance and input on the traits of high performing teams which helped to scope action points for each member and the team as a whole. The team agreed to use the MAPP tool on an ongoing basis to help identify the best fit for new team members and to assess their progress in developing their personal attributes.

Outcomes and Benefits

The Director of HSE said:

“As a newly formed team, it was vital for us to understand who we are and what makes us tick. I also wanted everyone to be clear that differences are a strength. I wanted the team to understand that having a different mindset is to be encouraged, for them to feel safe to speak out, encourage cognitive diversity, and identify who do I partner with to work effectively.”

The MAPP questionnaire was easier to complete than many other psychometric tools and the feedback sessions were really well delivered to each team member – with clarity and empathy. Then the workshop was very powerful in communicating the range of attributes we have in the team. The tool plots each member visually and emphasized the rainbow of skills we have.

Undertaking this project has helped the team to understand each other better, has built trust, and has made them realise that perceived weakness could be a strength. It is early days, but I am seeing more open conversations about working effectively. We will use MAPP to help identify new members of our team and to continue to remind each other of how to work together effectively.”

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