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​Global Renewable Consultancy

At Shirley Parsons, we take great pride in offering a truly diverse range of services covering every aspect of offshore wind farm development. While our expertise in health, safety, and quality is unparalleled, we go beyond that to cater to all your recruitment needs.

Whether you require highly specialised seabed survey specialists to assess the feasibility of your project or seasoned contract managers to ensure smooth operations, we have got you covered.

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Specialist Recruitment in Offshore Wind

From engineering and project management professionals to environmental experts and skilled technicians, our extensive network allows us to source and place the right talent for each unique role.

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Leadership and Business Development in Renewables
Leadership and Business Development
  • C-Suite Executives

  • Project Management and Development

  • Sales and Marketing

Development in Renewables
  • Project Management and Execution

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Stakeholder Relations and Quality Assurance

Construction in Renewables
  • Project Management and Execution

  • Engineering and Technical Specialists

  • Safety, Quality, and Coordination

Operation and Maintenance in Renewables
Operation and Maintenance
  • Management and Coordination

  • Engineering and Tech Specialists

  • Logistics and Support

​We cover a range of positions within Offshore Wind, including leadership and business development positions such as CEOs, COOs, and Business Development Managers. In the development phase, we shine at sourcing Legal Counsel, Risk Analysts, Environmental Consultants, and Health and Safety Managers, among others, to ensure compliance and project success.

During the construction phase, we provide specialised talent like Project Managers, Installation Leads, and Blade Engineers, crucial for the smooth execution of projects. Moreover, we cater to Operation and Maintenance needs by recruiting Operations Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Logistics Specialists, and more, ensuring the efficient and reliable functioning of offshore wind farms. By partnering with us, clients can access a one-stop-shop for all their recruitment requirements, saving valuable time and effort in the hiring process.

We have contributed to several offshore wind energy projects across North America, Europe, and Asia. Find out more about our work by clicking the button below.

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Trustworthy Solutions

Our comprehensive understanding of the offshore wind industry enables us to connect with professionals from various disciplines, ensuring that every aspect of your project is handled with utmost competence and proficiency.

Trust Shirley Parsons to provide you with a complete range of top-tier candidates, ensuring the success and efficiency of your offshore wind farm development at every stage.

What are the results with Shirley Parsons?

  • You get the people you need when you need them and minimise management costs and project delays. Significant elements of training and travel administration are fully outsourced to Shirley Parsons

  • The ability to land and expand in new markets with the confidence that local QHSE resources can be identified and developed to support the forward project pipeline.

  • Either total removal or significant reduction in client liability and risk against non-compliance of local labour laws.

  • Reduction in costs as Shirley Parsons has expanded its pool of ‘requisite calibre' resources and progressively created localised pools in key geographic markets.

​Get in touch with us today and discover how Shirley Parsons can support your organisation in achieving success in the wind energy sector.

Vacancies in Renewable Services

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Package Manager
DenmarkMarket related

In preparation for upcoming offshore wind projects we are looking for a range of Package Managers with availability for contract positions in Q1 of 2024. You will be supporting a global leader in t...

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Logistics Specialist
GermanyMarket related

Logistics coordinators  Germany & Sweden 6 month Assignments Hourly rate € We have initial 6 Month contracts for experienced Logistics coordinators in both Germany and Sweden. All positions are due...

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【上市綠能開發集團】職安衛人員 HSE specialist - 台北
Taipei CityMarket related

【Introduction】 我們客戶提供一站式綠能整合服務,跨足太陽光電、離岸風電、儲能、水處理、售電平台。同時也專注於環保推動與永續發展,將企業社會責任視為重中之重,致力於建構綠色永續環境。 【The role will be responsible for】 負責策劃、擬定並實施安全衛生政策、計畫、程序書。 定期/不定期的現場巡查、重點檢查和作業環境測定,以確保職業安全衛生符合標準,並...

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【上市櫃電機領導品牌】營銷業務主管 - 電動車充電樁 (新竹)
Hsinchu CountyMarket related

【Introduction】 我們的客戶專注於研發及製造電力相關產品,擁有深厚的專業技術與競爭實力,並積極發展綠能市場,協助台灣能源轉型 【The role will be responsible for】 電動車充電椿設備規劃及銷售 提供充電營運平台專案之整合規劃及解決方案 銷售談判及合約簽訂 開發客戶、顧客關係維持   【The role will have】 至少5年充電椿業務規劃&銷...

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