HSEQ & Sustainability Expertise; Higher Quality, Better Outcomes.

Shirley Parsons is a global professional services firm with expertise in Health & Safety, Quality, Sustainability and Business Improvement.

Our mission is simple; to help create a better, safer and more sustainable world.

We work in partnership with organisations to solve health, safety, sustainability, wellbeing and quality challenges through the provision of HSEQ & Sustainability expertise in the most efficient and sustainable way.

This could be the provision of expert consultancy, the operation of an HSEQ & Sustainability function or the identification of an expert individual. Whatever the situation, we work to deliver the best HSEQ & Sustainability talent and resource outcome for customers.

Our key advantage is our unmatched global network of talent and resources and our goal is to provide expert HSEQ & Sustainability services in every worthwhile market throughout the world.

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Shirley Parsons - Creating A Safer, Healthier And More Sustainable World.

Shirley Parsons are global leaders in sourcing and supplying HSEQ & Sustainability talent. We have an unmatched global HSEQ & Sustainability network and provide bespoke careers advice to customers throughout the world. Careers specialists supporting organisations with every element of their operations impacted by health, safety, sustainability, wellbeing and quality challenges.

Shirley Parsons Project Services creates customer value in the construction, civil infrastructure, technology, and renewable energy sectors, through leveraging Quality and Safety to deliver better project returns. We partner throughout the project lifecycle, from pre-bid through to operating, enabling our customers to execute projects safely, profitably, at pace and without defects.


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  • Shirley Parsons

    Shirley Parsons

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    Paul Roebuck

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    Gerry Pearson

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    Head of Careers