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Offshore Wind Shirley Parsons
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Shirley Parsons Renewable Services expands into Australia and New Zealand

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago

​Ben Evans Global Development Manager, has been working with Shirley Parsons since 2018, playing a critical role as a specialist in expanding our Renewable services, particularly Offshore Wind, meeting market demand.

After spending 14 years in the UK Armed Forces as a Royal Engineer, Ben became a self-employed Quality Consultant for a variety of OEM’s and developers in Europe and Asia for Offshore Wind Projects. Ben currently lives in New Zealand and has been key to Shirley Parsons launch in Australia and New Zealand; Shirley Parsons ANZ.

Using his expert knowledge of the industry, we ask him his views about renewable energy and market trends in Australasia.

Growing Renewable Energy Markets.

Both New Zealand and Australia have been rapidly embracing renewable energy sources, including offshore wind. Our expertise in supporting offshore wind projects globally positions our company as a valuable partner in these emerging markets.

Market Demand and Potential.

 As the demand for clean energy solutions increases in NZ and AUS, there is a significant opportunity for Shirley Parsons to cater to the rising need for skilled professionals and specialised talent in the renewable energy sector.

Transferable Expertise.

With experience in supporting offshore wind projects across various regions equips us with transferable expertise and best practices. This knowledge can be applied effectively in NZ and AUS, providing our clients with a competitive edge.

 Build Strong Relationships.

 Our proven track record of successful offshore wind projects globally enhances our credibility and ability to build strong relationships with local companies, industry stakeholders, and government agencies.

Market Entry Challenges.

Expanding into new markets involves navigating legal, regulatory, and cultural differences, which can present initial challenges. However, our experience in global projects positions us to handle such complexities effectively.

Local Competition.

Entering the NZ and AUS markets means competing with local players who might already have established relationships and a deeper understanding of the regional landscape. However, our proven track record in offshore wind can help us stand out from competitors.


What are your techniques and priorities for the launch in ANZ?

  1. Understand clients’ needs - I take my time to fully understand the client’ needs and requirements. By understanding their specific challenges and goals, we can tailor our services and recommendations accordingly.

  2. Build strong relationships - building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is essential for long term success. We focus on open and transparent communications, regular updates and beyond recruitment services. We have a genuine investment in our client’s success.

  3. Industry expertise - part of my current role is building localisation teams in new Offshore Wind markets. We have seen success across the 3 Offshore Wind Projects in Taiwan and more recently on the East coast of the US. I still provide consultancy services to some of our clients in the Offshore wind Industry. I feel by leveraging this experience, clients value or insights and candidates will be more inclined to work with someone who understands the nuances and challenges of the industry.

  4. Candidate development - we support candidates beyond the recruitment process. We provide career guidance, interview coaching and ongoing professional development opportunities. Investing in a candidate’s growth demonstrates a commitment to their success and can lead to long lasting partnership for both client and candidate.

Shirley Parsons ANZ.

Shirley Parsons ANZ is the latest global expansion of Shirley Parsons Professional Services.

With branches already in the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Taiwan and North America, this latest expansion is being made to meet the increasing demand of the industry and put Shirley Parsons in a better position to deliver their professional services offerings to a growing client-base in the region.

 Ben joins Duncan Cooke(Regional Lead) and Tim Melvin(Director and Co-Founder) for the expansion of Shirley Parsons in Australia and New Zealand.

Duncan has over 16 years’ experience working in careers and recruitment and Tim co-founded SP North America in 2014 and focus has been on growing a sustainable business and creating rewarding careers.

To find out more about Shirley Parsons ANZ or to get in touch with the team, fill out your details below: