Ben Evans
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Ben Evans

Global Development Manager

About Ben

Ben has been working with Shirley Parsons since 2018 and specialises in Quality in Renewables, particularly Offshore Wind.

After spending 14 years in the UK Armed Forces as a Royal Engineer, Ben became a self-employed Quality Consultant for a variety of OEM’s and developers in Europe and Asia for Offshore Wind Projects.

Ben’s priorities centre around understanding his clients needs, building strong relationships, candidate development and using his industry expertise to build localisation teams in new offshore wind markets.

When he’s not at work, Ben is a self-confessed hopeless bike racer and gym goer, but mainly enjoys spending time with his family, exploring New Zealand.

“I provide consultancy services to our clients in the Offshore wind Industry. I feel by leveraging this experience, clients value our insights and candidates are more inclined to work with someone who understands the nuances and challenges of the industry.”