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Shirley Parsons Attends Wind Energy Asia 2023 in Taiwan
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Shirley Parsons Attends Wind Energy Asia 2023 in Taiwan

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

​Connecting with Key Players in the Wind Power Industry

Shirley Parsons' team in Taiwan will be attending Wind Energy Asia 2023, the largest and most international wind energy exhibition. The event will take place from March 8th to March 10th, 2023, at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and will feature more than 135 exhibitors from Asia and Europe.

Taiwan's wind energy industry has been expanding for nearly two decades, from onshore turbines to offshore ones. By the end of 2021, Taiwan had over 300+ onshore and offshore wind turbines. By 2050, offshore wind is expected to generate between 40-55GW of electricity, creating significant work opportunities for the industry in operation and maintenance in the coming decades.

Shirley Parsons has been internationally involved in developing wind energy. We are committed to supporting Taiwan's renewable energy goals and have provided expertise and recruitment to numerous offshore wind energy projects worldwide for over a decade. The company is dedicated to offering expert advice and support to the industry and is uniquely positioned to provide better and faster expertise than our competitors.

By participating in Wind Energy Asia 2023, Shirley Parsons is taking an active role in supporting the sustainable development and HSEQ talent localisation of Taiwan's wind power industry. Our team will have the opportunity to connect with key players in the industry and establish trusted relationships with them. This will enable us to gain valuable insights and knowledge to share with you to provide you with the most innovative and effective solutions for your wind power needs.

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