Improving design quality through measurement, control, and monitoring

The Quality in Construction Design Best Practice Tool has been approved by global quality groups, including the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) in the UK and comparable bodies in Australia and North America. This approval process involved thoroughly reviewing the tool to ensure it met the necessary standards for measuring quality in the construction industry.

David Myers, who served as the head of quality for Heathrow before becoming the Senior Associate for Shirley Parsons, played a crucial role in developing and approving the Quality in Construction Design Best Practice Tool. His experience and expertise in construction quality were invaluable in creating a tool that is now widely recognized as an essential development tool for improving design quality.

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Quality in Construction Design Best Practice Tool

What are the benefits?

The Quality in Construction Design Best Practice Tool is an innovative solution for measuring, controlling, and monitoring design quality during a project's early stages. By reducing defects and minimizing the use of resources, this tool leads to significant cost avoidance and timely delivery while enhancing the reputation of the project team and the overall project. It can be easily implemented with minimal resources to effectively mitigate risks and ensure that the quality of design meets the client's standards.

Allows for the measurement, control, and monitoring of the quality of design during the early stages of a project

Reduces defects that can increase the cost of delivery, reduce productivity, and increase risk in health and safety

Minimizes the use of resources while still ensuring the quality of the design is up to par

Leads to significant cost avoidance and timely delivery

How does the tool work?

  • The tool is a subjective evaluation of a project through two design stages – concept design and Developed Design.

  • It is used 3 times during each phase. Shortly after the start, between 30-50%, they were between 80%-90% of the way through the stage.

  • It takes the form of a team review, taking about 8 hours each for a small team.

  • During the session, the team evaluated progress against a set of criteria on a score from 0-5. The output is a quality score measured per cent and a list of risk areas open on the project.

  • Experience at Heathrow showed that projects below 90% proceeded with a reduced chance of success.

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