It’s universally accepted that a structured Quality Management System is required for the success of any project or programme, regardless of size or complexity. All projects will have a Quality Management system (QMS) of sorts, incorporating both Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC), and these frameworks and processes will be designed to meet regulatory compliance and contractual SLAs. The effectiveness of these however, will be dependent on the level of stakeholder, client and supplier engagement, as well as the organisations ability to drive a culture of Quality and continual improvement.

Model overview

The Shirley Parsons Organisational Quality Benchmarking assessment is designed to provide an organisation with a comprehensive evaluation of its quality culture, strength of its Quality Management System and serve as a continual improvement tool that improves the chance of success of a high-quality project outcome.

The Shirley Parsons Organisational Quality Benchmarking Assessment is:

- Focussed on continual Improvement

- Designed to engage stakeholders through collaboration

- Flexible in its delivery to allow data to be gathered across multiple sites

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