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Gold CSR Accreditation
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Celebrating Achieving Gold CSR Accreditation.

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago

​Shirley Parsons is delighted to announce we have achieved an incredible Gold CSR Accreditation for our combined dedication to social responsibility and sustainability within our business.

In 2019, we were proud to be awarded the Bronze level by CSR Accreditation, followed quickly by the Silver award in 2021. We were also the first company to receive re-accreditation.

Now, we have achieved gold accreditation, and are the first organisation to progress through all three accreditation levels, which showcases our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

Brand Ambassador Shirley Parsons says:

“We are delighted to have received Gold CSR Accreditation. These awards highlight how we have effectively integrated our social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into our business strategy and operations, and it is a badge we wear with great pride.

Congratulations to Chris, Sarah and Jo for their hard work in putting everything together to make this happen, and let's continue our journey towards making a difference over the next three years!"

CSR-Accreditation Co-founder Richard Collins said:

"We are thrilled to announce that Shirley Parsons has achieved their third CSR Accreditation, making them our first accredited organisation to do so, After receiving bronze accreditation in 2019 and progressing to silver in 2021, Shirley Parsons has just achieved an incredible Gold CSR Accreditation.

This achievement is a true testament to their unwavering dedication and determination to showcase their environmental and social responsibilities. Shirley Parsons is driven by their unwavering commitment to CSR, acknowledging the collective responsibility shared by all stakeholders. Their focus on fundamental behaviours, with a set of 32 guiding principles, further emphasizes their commitment to fostering a culture based on shared values."

Creating a better, safer and more sustainable world.

Here at Shirley Parsons, our mission is to help create a better, safer and more sustainable world. All of our businesses have a proactive CSR programme in place. Recent initiatives have included the Great British Spring Clean, Global Recycling Day, Time to Talk Day and, a UK company volunteering day on behalf of the Brookside Clinic.

To find out more about Shirley Parsons Corporate Responsibility, click here.