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Shirley Parsons Ro Ti  New Hseq Talent Tool In High Demand (Web)
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New HSEQ Talent tool in high demand

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago

The MAPP talent benchmarking tool launched last month by Shirley Parsons has been an immediate hit with HSEQ leaders.

The tool, featured in our newsletter last month and promoted at the SHE Show South in Milton Keynes, has received more than thirty enquiries from some of the leading HSE employers within the UK.

MAP is an original tool explicitly designed for HSEQ and incorporates key personality traits and aspirations required to be most effective within an HSEQ role. Employers are particularly liking the Aspirations part of the tool as Shona Paterson; Director of Shirley Parsons, explains:

“Often at recruitment stage we focus on skills for the job and personality matches, but Aspirations should also play a major part in the recruitment process. Understanding a candidate’s values, drivers and career/personal goals helps you to engage in a positive way with the candidate right from recruitment stage.”

It is not just at the recruitment stage that the MAPP is used. The tool can also be used with existing teams, increasing team awareness, appreciation of their roles, drivers for change, and engagement levels. This knowledge is key to retaining staff and getting the most out of them in this current candidate-driven market, which is mutually beneficial and value-adding to both parties.

Shona continues: “In the current market, retention is a key challenge for many organisations. By using our Engagement tool and benchmarking results against our Annual Market Insights, employers can understand how they can improve engagement and retain their current talent.”

Hirers and HSEQ professionals have commented on the positive experience of using MAPP. Employers gain value by understanding more about the individual’s motivations and aspirations, while the individual gains more self-awareness of their key strengths and areas for development.

HSEQ leaders are invited to undertake their own free personal assessment as a trial of the MAPP tool. Not only does that provide an understanding of the tool’s capabilities, but it will also give a personal insight into personality traits and aspirations compared to the UK’s HSEQ community.

For more information on MAPP, please get in touch with Shona Paterson at