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Integrated Management System
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Strengthening Safety Through Integrated Management System

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago

​Shirley Parsons Project Services help IT company implement a robust and comprehensive safety management system.


A rapidly growing IT company had expanded its presence in the UK through strategic acquisitions, however the influx of new people and locations increased complexity to their business operations.

​During their integrated management system review, safety emerged as an under addressed element. This lead them seeking the expertise of Shirley Parsons from a recommendation from a previous contact familiar with Shirley Parsons' specialization.


​The organisation approached Shirley Parsons for a substantial safety system implementation. The primary goal was not just to pass an audit but to also align with ISO 45001 standards, ensuring a robust and comprehensive safety management system.

Shirley Parsons embarked on a large project which focused on a holistic approach to safety management. The team conducted a thorough assessment of the risks associated with their office locations, aligning them with the lease agreements for their buildings. The review encompassed aspects such as office space utilization, identifying risks related to slips, trips, falls, DSE (Display Screen Equipment), and manual handling.

Our team crafted comprehensive risk assessment and fire safety measures then supported the client to develop and mature their existing safety policy.. We also provided them with a structured framework to integrate safety arrangements seamlessly with their ongoing work activities. Notably, our approach extended beyond traditional safety concerns, addressing mental health aspects such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), stress management, and other softer facets of the work environment.


​Shirley Parsons' contribution to their integrated management system was instrumental. The safety measures implemented now allow them to align with ISO 45001 standards, providing a robust foundation for safety at every level of their operations.

​The system is designed to evolve with their growing business, ensuring continual compliance and accreditation capabilities. The focus on holistic safety not only meets regulatory requirements but also fosters a healthier and more resilient work environment for their employees.

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