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High-performing HSEQ teams.
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How To Develop A High-Performing HSEQ Team.

  • Publish Date: Posted 2 months ago

​Shirley Parsons Organisational Psychologist Jordan Harlow GMBPSS explains how Talent Consultancy Services helped a global organisation develop and maintain a high-performing HSEQ team.

The challenge.

A newly formed central health and safety (HSEQ) team within a large multinational construction and engineering consultancy was facing a significant challenge. The team, under the leadership of a director renowned for his innovative thinking in the HSEQ industry, needed to transform into a high-performing unit, capable of thinking creatively and effectively.

Their primary hurdle was their unique position in the company: they had to influence and impact global business operations without having direct authority over the various sections they were overseeing. This required a special set of skills, both in teaching and application, that they were yet to master.

Tailored talent development.

Recognising the need for external expertise, the team reached out to Shirley Parsons Talent Consultancy. We initiated our engagement by conducting in-depth meetings with the director to grasp the full extent of their needs. Utilizing our Motivations, Aspirations, Personality, and Progression (MAPP) tool, we conducted a series of psychometric tests for each team member, followed by intensive one-on-one sessions with an organizational psychologist. These sessions aimed to delve deep into each individual's motivations and personality traits.

Building on these insights, we crafted a year-long development plan centered around three key themes: influence and presentation, motivation and empowerment, and confidence and assertiveness. This plan comprised three main components: a series of workshops, personalised coaching sessions, and ongoing support between workshops. The workshops, grounded in organisational psychology theories, were designed to resonate with the team’s learning styles and focused on soft skill development. To complement these sessions, we partnered with individual coaches to provide bespoke consultations, ensuring practical application of the workshop learnings.

Enhanced performance and influence.

The impact of our intervention was immediate. The initial workshop fostered a psychologically safe environment, crucial for open communication and team cohesion. This foundational success propelled the team’s growth, with feedback highlighting significant improvements in presentation skills. These enhancements directly influenced their ability to impact the company, transcending the limitations of their authority.

As the program progressed, the team's expansion in soft skills and their new perspectives on workplace influence marked them as high-performing HSEQ professionals. The comprehensive approach, blending psychological insights with practical skill development, not only met the unique challenges of the team but also set a new standard for talent development within the organization.

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