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Health and Safety Manager
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Health and Safety Manager Found To Head Up New UK Business

  • Publish Date: Posted 3 months ago

Shirley Parsons HSEQ Profiling Tool MAPP ensures Global Company successfully hires a new Health and Safety Manager to kick start their expansion in the UK.


Shirley Parsons was approached by a global company who needed a new Health and Safety Manager to lead the UK arm of their business. The business was based in South Korea but was looking to expand and grow their business in the United Kingdom.

The organization initially tried to find someone using in-house resources, however, with the Utilities market being extremely competitive, it was important to find someone with a specific set of skills and experience, and therefore needed the help of a professional HSEQ partner.


Shirley Parsons global network of professionals and the use of MAPP, our bespoke, HSEQ specific profiling tool, meant that we were able to access a large number of professionals who could fill this position.

Our consultants were able to speak in-depth with potential candidates to ensure that we found the correct personality fit for the challenges that this position would present. Thanks to MAPP, it made the hiring process more efficient and less time consuming for our client and provided reassurance that the correct candidates would be found.


Through this process, we were able to find a strong fit for the position, and an individual who was looking for a new challenge. Using MAPP and holding weekly meetings with the client ensured that communication was consistent and all parties were up-to-date at every stages. After a thorough process, this position was filled within 5 weeks and the successful candidate has continued to thrive as the company has grown over the last 9 months.

The client has since returned to Shirley Parsons for further help with hires and we continue to maintain a strong relationship with them. They said:

"We would like to thank Conor Hamlin for his help during the search and the continued help and support he gives our company."

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