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Global Market Testing
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Expertise In Global Market Testing Proves Invaluable For Consultancy Firm.

  • Publish Date: Posted 2 months ago

​Shirley Parsons Conducts Comprehensive Market Testing Across 11 Countries for Global Accreditation Consultancy Firm.


A global private accreditation consultancy firm required in-depth market testing criteria for occupational health and safety (OHS) across 11 countries: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Finland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

The goal was to create a centralised reference document for each country, serving as a valuable resource for their database and future OHS initiatives.

The consultancy firm acknowledged Shirley Parsons capability to provide accurate, country-specific requirements within a tight timeframe, and therefore approached them to complete the project.


Shirley Parsons leveraged its global network of safety professionals to conduct market testing and gain insights into accident trends, incident reporting, incident classification, benchmarking incident rates, and occupational safety matrices.

This included:

  • Government Agencies: Identified relevant government agencies responsible for OHS management in each country.

  • Employer Duties: Outlined country-specific employer duties for incident reporting, acknowledging regional variations.

  • Time Lag Constraints: Investigated and documented the timeframes for reporting incidents in each country.

  • Reporting Mechanisms: Gathered detailed information on reportable injuries, reporting methods (online portals, e-forms, official communications), and reporting authorities.

Benchmarking and Standard Calculation:

• Incident Rates: Reviewed whether each country had a public reporting methodology for accident rates, comparing it to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard.

• Government Reports: Assessed whether OHS authorities published industry-specific accident rates across various reporting types (lost workdays, medical treatments, etc.).

Compensation Programs:

• Country-Specific Programs: Examined the existence of compensation programs in each country, outlining payouts based on factors such as injury type, body part, industry, and working age.

• Schedule of Rates: For countries with programs, analysed the schedule of rates for compensation.

Deliverables and Impact:

• Concise Country Summaries: Delivered translated summaries in English, highlighting relevant OHS acts and regulations.

• Tailored Evidence Packs and Questionnaires: Developed country-specific evidence packs and questionnaires aligned with individual requirements.


Shirley Parsons' expertise in global market testing proved invaluable for the consultancy firm and they were able to deliver high-quality, client-centric solutions within a tight timeline.

The project success stemmed from the thorough research, comprehensive data collection and expert analysis from the team and, the finished centralised reference documents for each country are now valuable resources for the client’s OHS database and future initiatives.

Project Services Consultant Wayne Rogers said:

“This was a complex undertaking, emphasising the need for extensive research to identify and understand the government departments responsible for occupational health and safety in each country. The meticulous approach included defining customer duties for reporting incidents, considering reporting variations. The project's success showcased Shirley Parsons' commitment to delivering high-quality results within tight timelines, providing valuable resources for the client's occupational health and safety initiatives.”

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