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Beyond HSEQ: The Guide
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The Guide to Unlocking Creativity & Improving Communication.

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago

Beyond HSEQ are delighted to announce the official launch of their 'Guide to Unlocking Creativity and Improving Communication.’

To mark 12 months since the launch of Beyond HSEQ in November 2022, and following the most recent event in September, The Hackathon, Beyond HSEQ The Guide is now available to download.

Building a better tomorrow.

To date, Beyond has brought together over 150+ industry leaders who all share the same goals; learn, grow, and think differently. During events, attendees have explored the true purpose of the profession, our ‘why’ and how we can communicate more effectively to inspire and drive meaningful change.

They’ve also delved into the importance of human connection and why that’s the true value-add in a changing, tech-driven world.

The most recent event, which was hosted by Jay Vekaria at Visa Europe in September 2023, took things to another level and was a first in industry ‘hackathon’ where professionals created solutions to a real-life global problem.

Taking into consideration the UK’s financial situation, economic pressure and rising inflation and interest rates, attendees needed to compile a robust and cost-effective communication framework to ensure HSEQ standards weren’t compromised, despite financial constraints.

During 75-minutes, each team were asked to ‘hack’ a solution before presenting their final thoughts to the group.

Key takeaways and themes explored during these findings from HSEQ professionals included:

1. How to empower and engage.

2. Understanding your personal why.

3. The importance of front-line staff.

4. Why we all need to stop talking about safety.

And much more.

These conclusions have now been compiled into Beyond HSEQ’s official guide: Unlocking Creativity and Improving Communication.

Christopher Wickenden FRSA, Chief Creative Officer at The Speakers’ Gym says:

“The creative spirit fostered in the 75 minutes that we gave everyone on the day is certainly reason for optimism. And Hackathon or not, being intentional about creating the conditions for creativity to thrive is crucial for the profession moving forward.”

Shona Paterson, Director at Shirley Parsons says:

“Beyond HSEQ is a catalyst for change. Our mission is to facilitate and encourage the profession to Reflect, Rethink and Inspire. Together with The Speakers’ Gym, we’re striving to facilitate disruption whilst evolving and expanding our non-technical skills to be part of the positive change that lies ahead of us. We are passionate and proud to be part of an amazing profession and want to take you on the journey with us.”

Shirley Parsons and The Speakers’ Gym would like to thank everyone who has supported and been involved with Beyond HSEQ over the last year and look forward to working with them during the next 12 months.

To receive your full copy of ‘Beyond HSEQ: Our Guide to Unlocking Creativity & Improving Communication, CLICK HERE.