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Shirley Parsons Partners With Global Multi-Energy Company To Create Continuous Safety Culture.

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago


A global, French multi-energy company received feedback from a global safety survey which showed improvements could be made to their Health and Safety Culture. The company didn’t have the required level of expertise in-house so looked for a partner with a track record of improving safety culture.

The partner needed fluency in English and Italian to engage effectively with employees. This led to an opportunity for Shirley Parsons to work with the organisation in Italy to offer support in developing their Safety Culture.


Shirley Parsons visited the location to carry out a safety climate survey with a cross section of staff and employees from all their departments. The findings from the survey were presented back to the client which generated an action plan. From the action plan the Safety Ambassador initiative was conceived. The objective of this was to raise Safety Culture awareness and provide tools to assist in a model of continuous improvement with Shirley Parsons selected to develop and deliver the training.

The outcome.

Shirley Parsons delivered the scope as requested, resulting in eleven new coaches being identified and trained across the business, who will select further individuals to assist with their development to become Safety Ambassadors. As a result, Shirley Parsons provided its expertise in developing the organisations safety culture to a model of continuous improvement.

Shirley Parsons Project Services Principal Consultant Juliano Benvenuti said:

“It’s been a pleasure working with a global organisation whose people are keen to develop their safety culture”.

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