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Global HSSEQ Manager


Global Manager of QHSSE

Key responsibilities

This role will be tasked with several critical responsibilities to drive QHSSE improvements and innovation.

Baseline assessment - undertake a comprehensive Global assessment across all aspects of the organization including onshore and offshore to understand existing safety processes.

-Identify current gaps Globally in QHSSE practices, protocols and compliance across all departments and locations.
-Globally Pinpoint challenges that impact the business and hinders optimal QHSSE performance e.g., procedural inefficiencies, cultural factors, resource limitations.
-Quantify Global QHSSE performance, enabling us to compare our current state against internal goals.
-Equip ELT and leadership with data-driven insights to make informed decisions on safety resource allocation, training priorities and strategic initiatives so efforts are focused on areas with maximum impact.
-Lead the Global QHSSE Standardization Initiative: Establish a cohesive QHSSE framework by streamlining procedures, protocols and standards to ensure company-wide consistency during HSE execution from bidding the work to project closeout.
-Risk Management Simplification: Simplify our existing risk management processes so managers, supervisors and workers can better manage high risk activities.
-Innovative Safety Solutions: Spearhead the implementation of cutting-edge safety technologies and staying ahead of emerging trends to ensure the company remains at the forefront of safety innovation.
-Project Lifecycle: Lead consistency Globally across the entire project lifecycle, spanning proposals, design, procurement, installation etc.

Vacancy Reference: PR/027229
Vacancy Owner: Ines Costa | | (+31) 20 299 1649 |