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Salary Increases: HSEQ Market Insights
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HSEQ Salaries Rise as Job Market Shifts: Key Takeaways from Shirley Parsons 2024 Report

  • Publish Date: Posted 4 days ago

Following the launch of Shirley Parsons 2024 HSEQ and Sustainability Salary and Workforce Survey Report, findings show an encouraging increase in average salaries across all levels.

The survey, which was undertaken during the first quarter of 2024, asked respondents the basic salary that they are paid in their current position.

The findings indicated a positive trajectory, with the average salary for advisor/consultant roles reaching £48,320, a slight increase from the previous year's average of £46,531. Notably, Head of Department salaries have experienced a significant boost, surpassing £88,000.

Head of UK Careers Phil Muston says:

“Year on year we have seen salaries increase across all levels. In 2022, the average advisor consultant salary was £39,000 and we can see that over the last 24 months, this has increased by a third. Now we are looking at a salary near £50,000. Therefore, employers will need to consider that candidates will usually require an increase of around 15% over their current salary to contemplate a job move.”

Phil also explains that salary averages depend on location, experience, and industry:

“It’s important to note that the data represents the average salaries of the 3,000+ professionals who took part in our survey. Some industries have a higher average than others. As you would expect, the oil and gas sector have a very high average salary whereas education has the lowest.

He also advises that regional dynamics play a significant role:

“What the findings have also shown is a huge spike in the average salary within the Midlands over the last two years. This surge could be down to infrastructure projects such as HS2 linking the country. Also, more businesses are opening their head offices in the midlands and so average salaries are similar to those in London. Also, considering the cost of living, what we’re seeing is salaries going in line with that”.

Passive job market.

The report also reveals a notable shift in job-seeking behaviour among HSEQ and Sustainability professionals.

Compared to the findings from the 2023 survey, only 14% of respondents said they are looking for a new role, either with a new or their current employer. This is a significant decrease from last year’s survey where 51% were actively looking for a new role.

However, 60% of respondents said they were open to hearing about opportunities which is a huge increase on 2023’s 21%.

Phil says:

“These results reinforce the advice I currently give clients and what we see in the market. Applications are down and people are not pro-actively looking for a new role. However, they are open to hearing about new roles, so appointing a search partner to approach good candidates is the best recruitment for any employer now.”

Key takeaways:

  • Salary Increases Across All Levels: The average salary for HSEQ professionals has risen compared to 2023. Advisor/consultants saw an increase to £48,320, while Head of Departments now command over £88,000.

  • Employers Take Note: The report highlights the growing value of HSEQ professionals. To attract top talent, consider offering salaries that are at least 15% higher than their current salary. Remember, salaries can vary by industry, so these averages provide a good starting point.

  • Fewer Active Job Seekers: The number of HSEQ professionals actively searching for new roles has dropped significantly (from 51% to 14%).

  • Open to Opportunities: However, a much larger percentage (60%) are receptive to hearing about new opportunities, compared to just 21% in 2023.

  • Proactive Recruitment: Applications are down, so the best way to find top talent is through targeted recruitment strategies like using search partners.

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