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Improved Quality Inspection Rates At Hinkley Point C

  • Oprettetelsesdato: Opslået over 3 år siden

​Providing quality assurance to nuclear new build standards.

Shirley Parsons was engaged to provide a team to deliver Quality Assurance, Quality Inspection, Lifetime Quality Record management and Off-site Supply chain performance assurance for the Marine Works Contract at Hinkley Point C.

This had to meet Nuclear New Build Quality standards and specifications. Pressure also existed to complete the contract on time and on budget.


Our client required a flexible and cost-effective service but also demanded high calibre resources with a solutions-oriented approach.

Traditional consultancies did not offer the depth of expertise required within their ranks whilst being overly expensive.

Temporary labour agencies were inconsistent, created issues with regards to IR35, and by their very nature do not provide expertise nor a management framework.

Prior to our appointment, assurance and inspection activities were significantly below those contractually required, and with potential for client sanctions.


Shirley Parsons appointed an in-house Technical Director as principle liaison with our client’s own Quality Management team. A team of highly experienced quality inspectors were identified by Shirley Parsons and put through a comprehensive vetting and selection process. The team was managed by Shirley Parsons' Technical Director, an experienced Chartered Civil Engineer fully trained in quality management.

Monthly meetings with the client enact the Plan-Do-Review-Act cycle and drive continuous improvement from the team. Shirley Parsons’ Technical Director also has 'reach-back' ability with Shirley Parsons' bench of Senior Associates, each with high level experience and expertise across various aspects of quality and in different sectors of construction and engineering.


The engagement was renewed after 12 months and is now ongoing to the completion of the contact in late 2021.

Our client has been regularly providing excellent performance feedback on the teamwork and competence of the individuals engaged on the contract.

Within the first month of appointment on the project, Quality Inspection rates rose from a contractually non-compliant level to fully meeting contractual obligations.

Data provided by the team enabled improvements to be implemented within the on-site tunnel lining segment precast factory, where previous issues meant excessive surface defects were required to be made good at substantial cost and delay to the tunnel boring machines.

For further information please contact:

Graham Taylor

Technical Director

Phone: 441296611303

Email: graham.taylor@shirleyparsons.com