Our mission is simple; to help create a better, safer, more sustainable world.

Shirley Parsons, Taiwan is part a world’s leading HSEQ professional services firm, safeguarding our clients’ futures by partnering with them to develop a sustainable business, people and project strategies.

We collaborate with clients to deliver flexible solutions depending on their bespoke needs. For some, this is the recruitment of a specialist to join their team. For others, it is the management of a full project.

Whatever your needs, we can help.

About Us

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What Are Our Services?

We are an ever-growing global HSEQ careers specialist built on long-term relationships, industry knowledge, and geographic expansion. We collaborate with clients to deliver flexible talent solutions depending on their bespoke needs.

We act as career agents to HSEQ professionals and partners to organisations looking to maximise their HSEQ function. Together, we can help create sustainable efficiency and growth through business improvement, safer work environments, and enhanced wellbeing. We help our clients to win, deliver, and operate successfully.

Additionally, our Project Services creates customer value in the construction, civil infrastructure, technology, and renewable energy sectors, through leveraging Quality and Safety to deliver better project returns. We partner throughout the project lifecycle, from pre-bid to operating, using best-in-class frameworks underpinned by our progressive assurance model.

Furthermore, our unique combination of HSEQ industry knowledge and exceptional service delivery ensures that our clients acquire the best talent for their organisations through our executive search services. Whilst also providing valuable feedback on how the market perceives them as potential employers.

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Meet The Team

  • Yu Pin Lin

    Yu Pin Lin

    Country Manager

  • Claire He

    Claire He

    Consultant/HR Specialist

  • Melissa Lin

    Melissa Lin

    Recruitment Consultant