Experience has taught us that when the contracting strategy of a major project is poorly planned and executed, the probability of failure (cost, delays, re-work, non-conformance) is high. This risk only increases as the size and complexity of a project and the number of parties involved also increases.

The Shirley Parsons Client Contracting Strategy lays out a model for contracting arrangements that improves the chance of success of a high-quality project outcome.

Model overview

Our contracting strategy model covers the entire lifecycle for major infrastructure projects, from strategic definition through to close down. Our model brings together existing good practice and draws on the extensive experience and expertise of our consultancy team, whom have led Quality functions on some of the UK’s most complex projects, including HS1, Thames Tideway, Heathrow Airport and Crossrail.

Our model is underpinned by an ethos of collaborative working. It seeks to use the knowledge, skills and experience of all delivery partners at the right time in the project lifecycle to deliver the best project outcomes, together.

Our approach uses proven contracting arrangements that improve the chance of success by:

  • Using the knowledge, skills and experience of all contractors, at the right time in the project lifecycle

  • Instilling a culture of collaborative working between all parties at the outset of a project

  • Enabling an understanding of the core strengths of each delivery partner to make more informed decisions regarding supplier selection and contract scoping

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