Safety consultants minimize COVID-19 disruption on construction projects

During Covid-19, Shirley Parsons supplied safety and occupational health consultants across all of our client’s construction projects, minimizing project downtime and enabling our client to quickly get projects back on schedule and within budget

The Challenge

Towards the end of 2019, a national engineering, design and construction firm had won a major package of work to build 4 new distribution facilities for a global online retailer. Three months after breaking ground, the COVID-19 pandemic took hold around the world and sweeping lockdowns went into effect, forcing many projects to grind to a halt across the United States. In an effort to keep their projects on schedule whilst safeguarding the health of their employees, the company turned to Shirley Parsons to augment their health and safety program.

Our Approach

For a number of years, Shirley Parsons has held roundtable forums for EHS executives, in which participants seek advice from peers on how to overcome challenges their companies are facing.

Following the advent of COVID-19, we increased the frequency of these virtual discussions, bringing experts together to share best practices for mitigating the impact of a rapidly evolving threat. Armed with this knowledge, we were able to quickly identify high-priority targets for additional resources, whilst also making informed recommendations for the development of new policies and procedures that would protect our clients’ employees and minimize the disruption to business continuity.

The Result

Shirley Parsons now has more than a dozen safety and occupational health consultants working both night and day shifts across all four of our client’s construction projects, all of whom were onboarded within a month of our initial exploratory discussion.

New policies and procedures such as mask wearing, social distancing, site entry screening and contact tracing have enabled the rapid identification of suspected or confirmed cases, not only protecting employees, but also minimizing project downtime and enabling our client to quickly get projects back on schedule and within budget

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