How to maximise your LinkedIn profile to land your next health and safety role

LinkedIn isn't just a professional networking site: it's also a goldmine for job seekers and recruiters.

How to maximise your LinkedIn profile to land your next health and safety role

There are over 14 million open jobs advertised on the site, while 90% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to look for appropriate candidates.

And a quick search for "health and safety" returns almost five and a half million people results.

So, how can you stand out from this rather large crowd? Follow these LinkedIn tips to boost your profile and increase your visibility.

Use your headline and title effectively

The headline is one of the most important elements on your LinkedIn profile. Not only is it one of the first things users see when your name appears in the search results, but it's also used by LinkedIn's algorithm as a factor in how well your profile ranks in searches.

You might have a job title that differs slightly from the industry standard - just ensure you optimise your LinkedIn title for both, as recruiters will usually go with the most common title as a starting point for their search.

Use the title to accurately describe your current position; it’s hugely important and is what recruiters will most likely look at first when they land on your profile.

Highlight your qualifications

Another way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out is to ensure your relevant health and safety qualifications are included. Within the Education section of your profile you have the ability to include any NEBOSH, NCRQ and other relevant qualifications by typing the examining body into the ‘School’ tab. Then simply add the qualification gained within the ‘Degree’ tab below.

Including your main qualifications will show potential employers that you're qualified, giving you a much better chance of being headhunted or invited to apply for a role.

Show your experience

Your LinkedIn profile is effectively a digital version of your CV - so use it as a way of getting your name in the shop window. List out your relevant health and safety job experience, highlighting your key responsibilities and achievements.

You can keep it brief, but remember to make sure your information is relevant to the industry you’re working in. That way, you’ll make it much easier for potential suitors to find you.

Show your memberships

As well as qualifications, memberships can be a good way to highlight your experience and know-how in the health and safety industry.

Displaying such memberships can help you to land a role if you have relevant industry memberships. For example, memberships to organisations like IIRSM and IOSH can help to give your LinkedIn profile a greater level of authority in the eyes of health and safety recruiters. An easy way to do this is to simply add your designatory letters after your name at the top of your profile i.e. Shirley Parsons CMIOSH

Keep it professional

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook or Instagram; keep your page professional and appropriate for your target audience – fellow health and safety professionals and the wider business community. By all means share links and updates but remember these should be related to your industry.

And don’t underestimate the importance of a professional photo. Go for a headshot that shows you in an appropriate setting (steer clear of blurry end-of-night pub shots). And smile - the friendly but professional look will always be in vogue!

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