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【全球製造業龍頭】環安衛工程師/HSE Engineer - 林口、新竹、竹南、台南


【全球製造業龍頭】環安衛工程師/HSE Engineer - 林口、新竹、竹南、台南
Taiwan (林口、新竹、竹南、台南)


[工作內容/Job Content]

1. 熟知公司及客戶端環安衛規範,負責專案環安衛管理。
Familiar with company and client HSE regulations and project HSE management.

2. 召開專案例行性環安衛月會及每月環安衛巡檢。
Project monthly HSE meeting and monthly HSE inspection.

3. 負責承攬商管理及環安衛教育訓練。
Responsible for contractor management and HSE training.

4. 安全工作許可證、工作安全分析審核簽核。
Work safety permit and work safety analysis review/sign-off.

5. 其他主管交辦事項。
Other tasks assigned by supervisor.

1. 教育科系: 職業安全衛生學系、環境工程學系、化學工程學系
Education: Occupational Safety&Health, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering

2. 經驗: 2年以上氣體、化工廠、電子半導體業廠、營造廠環安衛
Experience: Above 2 years in industrial gas, chemical, semiconductor or construction industry.

3. 證照: (以下擇一)
Certification: (One of the below)
Level A Occupational Safety and Health Affair Manager
Level B Occupational Safety and Health Officier
Level A Occupational Safety/Health Specialist

4. 薪資: $40,000 - $65,000/月 (保障14個月)
Salary: $40,000 - $65,000/month (14 months)

5. 長期定期契約,有機會轉正職
Long term contract. Has opportunity to transfer to permanent role.

Vacancy Reference: PR/025879
Vacancy Owner: Melissa Lin | |  | (+886) 981 645 028