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​Digital Solutions for Safety, Security, and Sustainability

Drive compliance, enhance efficiency, and achieve sustainability goals with bespoke digital solutions.

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Digitise Systems, Accelerate Outcomes

Business leaders are facing growing pressure to optimise performance whilst ensuring transparency and accountability in their safety, security and sustainability practices.

To achieve these goals, companies are innovating their operations through digital transformation initiatives. This digitisation enables the automation of routine tasks, comprehensive data capture, and the generation of actionable business insights.

Our Digital Solutions experts help clients navigate the challenges of tech-enabled innovation. With deep industry knowledge and proven frameworks, we equip clients with strategies and tools that meet stakeholder demands and ensure safe, secure and sustainable operations.

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Digital Advisory:

  • Digital Roadmaps: We develop custom strategies that align digital initiatives with your company goals, establishing a business case that meets stakeholder expectations and defines expected ROI.

  • Vendor Selection: Our experts provide objective, independent advice to help you select the right tools for your operations, managing their integration with legacy systems and minimising business disruption.

System Development:

  • Information Security: We craft management systems that ensure compliance with the highest international standards (e.g., ISO 27001) and position your organisation to safeguard sensitive information and effectively manage security risks.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): We develop custom AI solutions that enhance your ability to identify and mitigate risks, generate data-driven insights, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Partner with us to future-proof your operations and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

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SPOTLIGHT: Managing Safety with AI and Computer Vision

24/7 safety monitoring and data-driven insights to prevent future incidents.

Proactively Identify and Reduce Risk

No matter how mature your safety culture is, there will always be incidents that go unreported and risks that go unseen.

Safety leaders cannot be everywhere all the time but with our Computer Vision solution, we leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide 24/7 monitoring of our client sites, proactively detecting potentially unsafe acts and conditions.

We track sensitive objects and events, communicating with real-time alerts and unbiased trend analysis. With data-driven insights, we help to develop transformative strategies that target safety issues with pinpoint accuracy.

Identify and Track Leading Indicators

Accident Theory suggests a direct relationship between the volume of unsafe conditions, near-miss incidents, lost-time accidents and Serious Injuries & Fatalities (SIFs). However, a significant number of issues go unnoticed or unreported, and systematic problems are not discovered until it is too late.

Our technology enables comprehensive detection of near miss incidents, non-compliance with safety protocols, and other unsafe conditions. By capturing these “good catches”, you can address issues before they escalate, protecting employees and reducing costs.

Analyse and Visualize Data

The integration of custom dashboards transforms raw data into actionable insights. These dashboards provide a real-time overview of safety metrics, highlighting trends and areas of concern. Leaders can use this information to make informed decisions, prioritize safety initiatives, and track the effectiveness of interventions over time. This data-centric approach not only streamlines operations but also supports continuous improvement in safety standards.

Integrate with Existing IT Infrastructure

Compatibility with current IT infrastructure and Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) platforms is critical. With custom APIs built for your systems, our solution compliments existing investments and enriches the data landscape without disrupting operations. This seamless integration ensures that safety leaders have a comprehensive view of all safety-related data, enhancing their ability to effectively manage risk.

Ensure Data Security and Privacy

Our solution can be tailored to meet your requirements for data management. We have the ability to process and anonymize your data on-site or provide a reliable and secure cloud solution for off-site processing. Both options meet stringent security standards and comply with privacy laws, ensuring that sensitive personal or corporate information is never compromised.

Use Existing Cameras or our Plug-and-Play Solution

Flexibility in hardware deployment allows businesses to leverage their existing surveillance infrastructure, or opt for easy-to-install, purpose-built camera boxes. This dual capability ensures that companies of all sizes can implement this technology quickly and flexibly, minimising the operational disruption often associated with deploying new technologies.

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