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Quality Policy - UK

Our Quality Policy
  • Be a High Performing Socially Responsible Organisation.

  • Be respected and recognised for these achievements.

  • Our key enabling practices are - Better Engagement and Better Collaboration.

  • To achieve these aspirations, we have implemented a Quality Management System(QMS).


Our QMS enables us to: -

  • Reduce and eliminate issues.

  • Reduce the true costs of poor quality and mitigate risks

  • continuously improve the quality of everything we do

  • Make Engagement and Collaboration with all “Interested Parties” easy and rewarding.

  • Adhere to process, specifications and procedures in order to achieve Customer Satisfaction

  • Make and implement major investment decisions.

  • Ensure that our activities comply with national legislation

  • Ensure compliance with all requirements

Our QMS Operating practices
  • Effective reviews are at the heart of our operating practices, this means we: -

    • Have the right inputs

    • Have the right teams

    • Make good decisions

    • Follow up

    • Establish and measure the “demanding” objectives that pertain to: -

      • The key processes of the company

      • The customer’s experience

    • Record deviations on a continuous basis

    • Ensure that we continuously learn

  • Our documented policies &processes, our interactive communications, our record keeping and being held to account against ISO standards all make sure that our QMS is fit for purpose and helps us to achieve our aspirations.

Paul Roebuck, CEO