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[上市外商品牌] Communication Manager (Knowledge of ESG/CSR required)


Communication Manager 

Introduction -

One of the worldwide market leader of liquefied natural gas suppliers with stable business performance. 


The role  will be responsible for:

A. Internal communications

1. Enhancing employee communications: organize internal key activities frequently and publish internal magazine quarterly

2. Practicing the Group’s sustainability program: carry out ESG/CSR programs

3. Supporting the Group’s digital transformation: maintain Intranet & Internet and leverage other digital communication tools

4. Promoting Comm initiatives from the Group and Hub: develop the local communication plan to promote various initiatives



B. Implement local ESG events

1. Developing sustainable program with creating an idea to support Group objectives

2. Ensuring the program is aligned with  strategy, idea concept, budgeting, and implementation


C. Crisis Management Strategy

1. Execute a local crisis management and communication policy aligned with the Group/Hub/Cluster guidelines

2. Implement the crisis management policy within the entity and ensure all relevant stakeholders (i.e. Crisis Management Team, spokespersons) are trained and prepared

3. Monitor local image and reputation through media monitoring tools and other media / external partners


D. Integrated Digital Strategy

1. Developing and maintaining digital platform such as local website and social media with creative ideas

2. Produce content for digital communications such as website, intranet and other Google-based apps

3. Utilize external digital tools in developing communication materials and incorporate the latest digital tools as necessary


E. External communications

1. Preserving the Group’s reputation: implement the Group's Procedure regarding crisis preparation and management to ensure timely and effective response to an emergency situation

2. Creating recognition of and preference: create the positive news exposure of company by news release, interview arrangements or speaking opportunity

3. Organizing key external events (groundbreaking; grand openings) & messaging platforms to enhance visibility to media and governmental authorities

4. Enhancing Employer’s branding (incl. HR Asia Awards & Campus activities)

5. Public Affairs/Advocacy program: structure advocacy efforts to support strategic ambitions with stakeholders through external trade shows, Chamber of Commerces & sub-committees, ministerial events, Energy transition events

6. Managing Social Media: create comm plan for social media, develop/manage contents, and promote it to targeted audiences


The role will have:

- Degree in Mass Communications or related discipline

- Has minimum 7+years of experience in developing Public Affairs/Advocacy program, Employer's branding, or ESG/CSR/Sustainability program

- Experienced in handling multiple projects at the same time

- Proficiency in English and Mandarin

- Digitally savvy - must have strong knowledge of digital communication tools and latest trends .



What's on offer:

-Competitive salary & Multi-country capacity business model


Vacancy Reference: PR/025896
Vacancy Owner: Melissa Lin | |  | (+886) 981 645 028