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Environmental Coordinator


Environmental Coordinator
Flemish Region, Belgium

A leading company in Belgium's infrastructure sector is seeking a dedicated Environmental Coordinator to join their HQ. This role is crucial in ensuring that all construction and maintenance projects, including roads, highways, airports, and urban developments, comply with environmental regulations and sustainability goals.

You'll be working with the Director of Prevention to develop and implement strategies to ensure continuous improvement of environmental performance. You'll use your knowledge of Belgian laws and regulations to guide projects and collaborate with governmental bodies and other stakeholders.

The Environmental Coordinator will be responsible for:
- Overseeing and improving multiple sites' environmental management systems in line with ISO14001 standards.
- Providing expert knowledge on environmental laws and regulations to internal and external stakeholders.
- Conducting regular and systematic site visits for inspections.
- Participating in long-term, preventative annual action planning.

The Environmental Coordinator will have:
- Milieucoördinator A Qualification
- 3+ years of relevant experience, preferably in a similar sector
- Fluent in Dutch and English
- Proactive and a team player

Vacancy Reference: PR/027485
Vacancy Owner: Delal Arsu | delal.arsu@shirleyparsons.com | (+31) 120 890 5515 |