Mike Roebuck
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Mike Roebuck

Senior Careers Consultant

About Mike

​​Hi My name is Mike! I’m a 360 consultant, so this involves talking to clients about people they’d like to hire or candidates about their next job move. Sometimes on the phone, sometimes via video. If it’s via video call I make sure I’m dressed appropriately for the top half, if it’s a phone call I just make sure I’m dressed!

I’ve been in my profession for 9 years.

Previously I attended University, I enjoyed travelling, I also worked briefly as a personal chef and at a summer camp coaching tennis.

I like to get involved in anything new and innovative, the new office move, and the stand-up desk initiative come to mind.

I like golf, running, fancy myself as an alright cook in the kitchen and have renovated my flat recently which was stressful but rewarding.

Apart from being able to touch my nose with my tongue ,what else is there? I can speak a bit of Spanish: “Hola, me llamo Miguel y me gusta mucho Manchego cheese!”