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Taichung City, Taiwan

Shirley Parsons Taiwan provides specialist recruitment services to local and foreign businesses.

The Only Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Specialist In Taiwan

Shirley Parsons Taiwan can provide a specialist recruitment service to provide local HSEQ candidates to organisations throughout the Taiwanese economy.

We're the only HSEQ specialist organization in Taiwan and our knowledge of the sector means we will be able to provide better and faster expertise than our competitors. We are developing and improving the HSEQ skills of our in-country staff through our expert training manager and are also training our clients staff where required. Being part of a global HSEQ organisation, we have the support and expertise of colleagues throughout the world to help develop the in-country Taiwanese workforce.” - Yu PIn Lin, Country Manager for Shirley Parsons Taiwan.

8th office we have opened globally. Our global experts and local workforce in delivering HSE services, expertise, and training are a blend of the traditional provision of expatriate specialists from across the world with the recruitment and training of a growing team of local HSEQ specialists.

We have enabled our clients in Taiwan and worldwide to access expert HSEQ skills, reduce their overhead costs and meet rapid development targets.

​Permanent Contracts And Consultancy Services In Sectors:

Renewable Energy and Offshore Wind Farms

Taiwan is one of the leading adopters of offshore wind energy in Asia and, with an offshore wind power target of 20.5GW by 2035, this will continue to be a sector of high demand for HSEQ expertise in both construction and operations.

Transportation and construction

Transportation and construction are also areas of significant growth in Taiwan and areas of specific expertise for Shirley Parsons with our history of working with global clients in several offshore wind energy projects.

Shirley Parsons can provide HSEQ services, recruitment, HSEQ training and a careers consultancy service to companies wanting to hire their own HSEQ expertise.

It is this development of the local skilled workforce that provides some real cost savings for clients. Ben Hiner said “Historically many projects in this region have relied on expensive expatriate consultants to provide expertise which is then lost when the project finishes and the ex-pat returns to their country of origin. Our vision is to develop a long term, highly skilled and expert Taiwanese HSEQ workforce in-country to provide significant cost savings over international labour as well as having a real mission to improve HSEQ standards throughout the Taiwanese infrastructure sector.”

If you are interested in Shirley Parsons' HSEQ services in Taiwan, please get in touch at or call +886 (04)36111866.

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【上市電機領導品牌】機電工程主管 - 新竹
Hsinchu CountyMarket related

【Introduction】 我們的客戶專注於研發及製造電力相關產品,擁有深厚的專業技術與競爭實力,並積極發展綠能市場,協助台灣能源轉型 【The role will be responsible for】 現場工程專案執行、進度安排、預算編列及控管 與業主、監造及平行包之溝通協調、會議參與、界面澄清 業主與協力商之請付款審核作業   【The role will have】 具備5-10年...

【Star-up Brand】綜合型日照機構主管- 科技型連鎖長照產業
New Taipei CityMarket related

【社區日照機構主管】 Taipei, Taiwan Permanent 【Summary】 我們的客戶以醫療為養護基礎的智慧應用科技技術,降低繁瑣所可能產生的人為缺失與分散照護者的心力風險 【The role will be responsible for】 1. 領導所有工作人員,執行照護及各項行政業務。 2. 擬定、督導並執行年度工作計畫。 3. 行銷及業務聯繫。 4. 日照中心品質管理...

【Global歐商原料製造品牌】Construction HSE Manager (新竹)
Hsinchu CountyMarket related

[Introduction] One of the worldwide market leader of liquefied natural gas suppliers with stable business performance. [The Project HSE Manager will be responsible for] - Safe, welfare and security...

【上市上櫃光電製造】HR Manager - 薪酬管理 Division (高雄)
Kaohsiung CityMarket related

Introduction   知名背光模組研發與製造品牌,主要內容為背光模組之設計、製造、組裝及銷售。   The role will be responsible for 建立績效管理與薪酬制度,訂定調薪政策、獎酬制度、退休金制度,以維持企業的競爭力,留下優秀人才。 調解勞資爭議、處理員工資遣解雇等特殊人力資源相關議題。 勞保、健保、勞工退休金(新/舊制)、假勤管理 員工團體保險管理 員工...

〔Internal〕Recruitment Consultant 招募顧問
TaiwanMarket related

【The Recruitment Consultant will be responsible for】 As a Recruitment Consultant of Shirley Parsons team, you will be a recruitment partner with our clients, focus on supporting talent acquisition,...

【跨國上市建設開發】工務部主任 (台北)
Taipei CityMarket related

【跨國上市建設開發】工務部主任 (台北) 台北 Permanent  Introduction - 知名品牌開發投資興建住宅及大樓為主要業務,積極在台灣、大陸、日本、馬來西亞布局 The role will be responsible for: 1.主導專案工程管理相關作業。 2.辦理工程進度、預算與品質管理作業、工地會議管理。 3.階段付款、變更設計管理。 4.辦理工程結算、尾款支付查核...

【上市領導建設集團】內業工程師 (台北)
Taipei CityMarket related

【台北 / 正職】 知名建設集團,堅持企業社會責任、環境永續,成為業界最佳領導典範。   【工作內容】 工務進度協調、追蹤、記錄 追蹤&回報會議紀錄、簽報、執行結果 圖說繪製&檢討施工圖審查及繪製、施工細部圖面繪製及檢討 工程發包與計價編列   【條件要求】 3年以上工作經驗 建築相關、土木工程相關科系或背景 具專案規劃、執行、介面檢討之經驗

【上市領導建設集團】工務部工程師 (台北)
Taipei CityMarket related

【台北 / 正職】 知名建設集團,堅持企業社會責任、環境永續,成為業界最佳領導典範。   【工作內容】 現場指揮及進度追蹤管理 工程監督、檢討、審查 執行施工品質、安衛需求管理、工地會議管理 工程請款事宜 施工項目之數量計算及計價   【條件要求】 建築相關、土木工程相關科系或背景 具介面檢討、現場管理、BIM執行之經驗

【上市領導建設集團】機電部主管 (台北)
Taipei CityMarket related

【台北 / 正職】 知名建設集團,堅持企業社會責任、環境永續,成為業界最佳領導典範。   【工作內容】 管控及監督現場機電施工進度 管理承攬商現場施工 承商工程估驗計價之審核與簽證 機電工程品質重點監督、抽查、檢驗 協調施工介面之整合 掌管機電設備、管線清圖、套圖及變更設計事宜 審核及簽證施工計畫書、施工圖之 執行、協調駐地監理代表之指示 協助專案客變工作之執行 【條件要求】 施工管理之實務...

【跨國上市建設開發】環境永續經理 (台北)
Taipei CityMarket related

環境永續經理 台北 Permanent Introduction - 知名品牌開發投資興建住宅及大樓為主要業務,積極在台灣、大陸、日本、馬來西亞布局 The role will be responsible for: 1. ESG永續發展專案推進整合與規劃 2. ESG倡議異業串聯、產學合作 3. ESG結合年度品牌主軸發展協助規劃與執行 4. 撰寫永續報告書 5. 具永續管理相關證照或協助...

【跨國上市建設開發】設計經理 (台北)
Taipei CityMarket related

【跨國上市建設開發】設計經理 (台北) 台北 Permanent Introduction - 知名品牌開發投資興建住宅及大樓為主要業務,積極在台灣、大陸、日本、馬來西亞布局 The role will be responsible for: 1.配合土地開發提案需求,完成前期之建築設計,產製平面圖、傢配圖及造型量體模擬。 2.能與結構、機電、室內設計、景觀等專業人員討論並整合。 3.協助建...

【上市歐商製造業龍頭】Project Controls Manager (新竹)
Hsinchu County

Project Controls Manager Hsinchu Permanent Introduction - One of the worldwide market leader of liquefied natural gas suppliers with stable business performance. The role will be responsible for: 1...