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Finding The Right HSE Employee
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Expert Advice On Finding The Right HSE Employee For Your Organisation.

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago

​Shirley Parsons Organisational Psychologist Jordan Harlow was joined by Managing Director (Consulting) of Praxis42 Adam Clarke and Lead Environment and Sustainability Careers Consultant Emily Swindlehurst to share invaluable tips on understanding candidates on a deeper level, to avoid a ‘wrong hire.’

During their webinar ‘Navigating the Hiring Maze: Strategies for Finding the Right Employee’ they explored the financial, social, cultural, and reputational impacts of employing the wrong hire and what are the most important steps prior to the recruiting process.

During the webinar, they covered:

•An introduction to organisational psychology and how it can help you to hire the right candidates.

•How to select candidates with the personality traits, aspirations and working styles that fit with your teams.

•An analysis of the ‘worst hires ever’, exploring what went wrong and what can be learned.

•How to ensure ‘red flags’ are picked up in the interview process.

•How to build cognitively diverse teams so your organisation can benefit from different ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

•What you can do if you hire the wrong candidate and how to manage the process.

“The injection of fresh ideas and talent can be the boost many teams need to grow rapidly but when not careful, a dangerous hire can spell the downfall of a team as easily as it could assist them in their growth.”

To watch the full recording of the webinar, CLICK HERE.

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