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Miranda Jane Taylor joins Shirley Parsons
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Shirley Parsons Partners With Renewable Energy & Sustainability Leader

  • Publish Date: Posted 9 months ago

​​Renewable Energy and Sustainability Leader Miranda Jane Taylor joins Shirley Parsons ANZ as Director Consulting.

Shirley Parsons is delighted to announce the appointment of Miranda Jane Taylor as Director of Consulting of Shirley Parsons Australia.

Having worked extensively across the energy, oceans, and resources industries, most recently to support clean energy and renewable developments, Miranda has worked with industry, governments and regulators and research and innovation organisations across Australia and globally to help drive collaborative and best practice HSE and sustainability leadership programs and performance.

Miranda has experience working with large-scale, high capital and complex engineering and infrastructure projects and with major hazard facilities offshore in the marine environment. She was involved in the Australian response to the Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Horizon disaster and has led industry and government HSE policy and regulatory teams.

Inspiring collaboration and innovation.

Prior to her partnership with Shirley Parsons, Miranda was CEO of National Energy Resources Australia – NERA, where she led a diverse, talented and highly effective team to help identify, develop and deliver transformational initiatives in order to support the provision of a sustainable supply of clean energy, unlock productivity improvements, commercialise local clean energy technologies and support future workforce skills and jobs.

She says:

“I achieved this by creating connections, building trust, and inspiring collaboration and innovation across industry sectors, entrepreneurs, research organisations, industry bodies, community stakeholders, and governments and regulators.

“I consider myself an influential, strategic, and adaptive leader with a strong record of working in partnerships with industries, governments, innovators, technology small businesses, research organisations and stakeholders across Australia and globally, to drive best practice and collaborative leadership programs and performance.

“My career has been underpinned by a system based and networked driven framework and a holistic approach to economic development that gives equal and strong weight to social and environment values and goals and allows humans and our environment to flourish into the future”.

Global net zero commitments.

As an early champion of global net zero commitments and having led clean energy programs, Miranda has a clear understanding of and has demonstrated the ability to work through the significant challenges and opportunities Australia, the Asia Pacific region, and the world face to transform energy and decarbonize.

Also, as a critical thinker, Miranda is passionate about developing and bringing together diverse human talent and harnessing the power of smart technologies to achieve a just energy transition across the world.

“I’m passionate about the ‘blue economy’ and the potential for areas like offshore renewable energy to contribute to greater resilience in the energy mix and, create new supply chains and regional jobs. Offshore wind offers reliable and high-capacity generation of energy into and a balance to onshore energy solutions”.

However, she acknowledges it will take a mixture of government and policy leadership, strong strategic and commercial know how, project management, engineering, quality and risk management talent and collaboration and innovation to overcome the significant challenges that offshore renewable energy projects face.

“No role I have had has been the same and I continue to explore, connect, learn, and adapt. The pace of change today is enormous and uncertainty about our future is a given. I strongly believe it’s not about how long you have worked in an industry, but more about whether you have developed and continue to develop a core set of skills that enable you to communicate, learn, analyse and work effectively with diverse teams.”

Joining Shirley Parsons.

Miranda says she is excited to play her part in Shirley Parson’s Consultancy Services and being able to support the renewable energy sector, including the development of Australia’s emerging offshore wind sector as it addresses both major challenges and opportunities.

She acknowledges that it will need a huge range of global talent and expertise to support the energy transition and renewable energy projects but believes Shirley Parsons are in a great position to support this.

“I really love the global network and deep domain expertise of the Shirley Parsons team, and the genuine relationships and credibility they have built up with their clients. Though they are new to Australia, their proven global track record put Shirley Parsons in a brilliant position to form trust based and long-term partnerships with Australian project developers.

“Australia is a fantastic place to work and live and the exciting opportunities available will attract global talent – so Shirley Parsons is the right talent partner at the right time.”

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