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HSEQ & Sustainability Professionals Expect 15% Salary Increase

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

15% salary increase expected when moving roles.

Shirley Parsons have published the 2023 UK HSEQ & Sustainability Salary Survey and one of the key findings was that HSEQ & Sustainability professionals expect on average a 15.2% salary increase when they are looking for a new position.

The survey is our third annual salary survey and was undertaken during the first quarter of 2023 with more than 1,600 completed responses.

The graph below shows what this would mean for the average salary at all levels, including pushing the average salary expected for a new role by a director to £137k and £68k for a manager.


Shirley Parsons Head of UK Careers, Phil Muston, says:

“I’m always advising clients that 'market rate' is NOT what someone is currently earning – it’s what they expect to earn in a new position. This research shows that the average increase is 15%, and that supports what we see. Some candidates want more, some less but 15% is a fair reflection.”

The survey also explored average salaries in which respondents volunteered the basic salary that they were paid in their current position, as well as average salary by region.

During our 2023 UK HSEQ & Sustainability Market Insights Webinar, Phil Muston spoke about the findings and gave his expert predictions on what is expected during the next 12-18 months.

Aspirations, job satisfaction and diversity

The annual workforce insight & salary survey is part of a series of insight tools that we provide to global HSEQ employers to help them improve their return on talent investment. It provides specific insights into the mindset of HSEQ and Sustainability professionals in the UK and covers topics such as:

  • average salaries

  • salary increases

  • work aspirations

  • job satisfaction

  • diversity

The report is free to all Shirley Parsons contacts. Complete the form below to receive your free copy: