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​SHP and Safety & Health Expo to host Beyond HSEQ event in London
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Beyond HSEQ - The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Human

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

​SHP and Safety & Health Expo to host Beyond HSEQ event in London

We’re excited to announce the next event in the Beyond HSEQ series. Bringing together leading industry minds to reconnect with and shape the wider HSEQ industry, Shirley Parsons are collaborating with change and communication experts, FROM:TODAY, to inspire change and action.

The launch event in November 2022 saw more than 70 HSEQ leaders kickstarting the movement, coming together to reflect, rethink and re-imagine a better future. They were challenged to refocus their purpose and adopt new ways of engaging with stakeholders.

Since November, 15 of these attendees have joined the Beyond HSEQ Steering Group, offering their expertise to help shape our next event. You can read more about one member, Jerry Flechais, and his journey into the profession here.

Taking place on 4th May, kindly hosted by SHP and Safety & Health Expo at their offices at 240 Blackfriars Road London, members of the Beyond HSEQ movement will be meeting once again to continue exploring the themes touched on in November, this time with a focus on technological change and human connection.

Chris Wickenden explains:

“In a rapidly changing world, technological advances and the development of AI can easily be seen as a threat to the work we do – our expertise – our knowledge – our whole profession. How do we keep up? Will we be replaced by robots?

At our next ‘re-think tank’, we’ll double down on the essential human essence of what we do to futureproof the profession. Our emotional intelligence, critical judgement, communication skills and ability to positively influence the people around us are the true value-adds of what we do. When it comes to guidance on the really important stuff – health, safety, happiness, wellbeing, life and death – humans will always seek the advice of humans. Let’s not lose sight of this.”

In a nutshell, we’ll be:

  • Exploring some of your biggest fears and threats to what you do

  • Reconnecting with the very human essence of what you do

  • Developing communication skills to influence at the top level of your organisation

If you’re keen to join us for a future event, please fill out the form below. Also, follow us on LinkedIn by clicking here.

​Watch us in action | Arup, November 2022