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​HSEQ Salaries rising fast according to Shirley Parsons 2022 UK Report

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago

Average salaries within the UK HSEQ sector are on the rise according to the 2022 salary survey released by Shirley Parsons this week. The survey completed by 1,253 professionals in February 2022 shows the average salary earned in HSEQ has increased between 7 and 12% on the figures from the 2021 report.

When looking for a new position, basic salary is the most important factor for HSEQ professionals without management responsibility. They are looking to increase their basic salary by a hefty 16% when moving roles.

Phil Muston, Managing Careers Consultant for Shirley Parsons said “It is no surprise to see the average salary increase of 9.5% in this survey and the expectation of a 16% increase when looking for a new role. The high demand for skills means that many HSEQ professionals have many options at the present time and, to secure the best talent, employers need to be budgeting to increase salaries significantly.”

Satisfaction within HSEQ is slightly down with an average score of 6.39 out of 10 this year. Worryingly, professionals with more than five years’ experience are the least satisfied and the main reason being a lack of progression or development opportunities within their organisation. At management level, the culture of an organisation and its focus on HSEQ is the most important factor when looking for a new role.

Shona Paterson, Director for Shirley Parsons said, “The pandemic has raised the profile of Health & Safety in many businesses. Candidates are now asking about the HSEQ culture within a business and the buy-in from Board level down. They want to work within a business that values HSEQ – both from a Health & Safety and an Environment & Sustainability point of view.”

The full report contains details on:

  • Average salaries by responsibility level and industry

  • Gender Pay gap

  • Work aspirations

  • New job intentions

Download your free copy of the 2022 UK HSEQ Salary and Workforce Insight report on the Shirley Parsons website here.