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BS 99001 – what is it and why is it important?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago

What is BS 99001?

BS 99001 is the new British standard in safety construction. The new standard incorporates the quality steps necessary to tackle the common quality issues experienced in the construction industry today, providing reassurance in quality management standards and guidance to those specified in BS EN ISO 9001 for organisations operating in the built environment sector to consultant organisations in the civil engineering sector.

Watch David Myers, Mike Hicks, and Jon Adshead answer all your questions about BS 99001, the new standard for quality in construction here.

Who needs to be aware of BS 99001?

The standard is aimed at every party in the construction process, from Clients through Design contractors to construction sub-tier contractors.

Does this standard apply to nuclear licensed/COMAH sites?

Yes, this standard is appropriate for everyone in the construction industry, including the Nuclear sector.

Why should businesses think about becoming certified? What are the benefits?

The key benefit of the new standard is that better quality delivers lower costs and minimises the time taken to deliver a project overall. Thus, implementing the standard should drive profits and the reputation of companies that adopt the disciplines. It is likely that the standard will become an industry norm (as similar systems have been within Aerospace and Oil & Gas) and that clients specify certification to the standard as a pre-requisite of tendering.

What are the differences between ISO 9001 and BS 99001?

While the fundamental principles of ISO9001 have not been changed, many changes have been introduced to ensure that the necessary steps are made in the construction environment to deliver the best possible project quality.

Will we need a separate certification for 9001 and 99001?

Yes. BS99001 has been set up as a standalone certificate, but the organisation must already have an ISO9001 certificate.

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How does BS 99001 interact with the Building Safety Regulations?

BS 99001 has been developed in a post-Grenfell world, and processes to meet Building Safety Legislation have been incorporated in the document. The understanding is that Government and the owners of high risk buildings will make BS99001 a pre-requisite.

Does BS 99001 work for large and small projects?

BS 99001 is designed for all ranges of projects. The standard drives the process, not the administrative overhead. The level of bureaucracy should be tailored to suit the size of the project.

Does it need to be organisation wide, or could it be Directorate/Department focused to a department on addressing the requirements of the Building Safety Act?

BS 99001 does not need to be organisation wide. A company like Network Rail could certify their project management department to BS99001 but not the operational level.

Will separate training be available for individuals such as internal or lead auditors?

There will be specific BS 99001 training as an add on to ISO 9001.

How much time/resources will it take to become certified?

There is no single answer to this question; for a well-disciplined, process-driven organisation delivering best practice quality today, the process could be quick and relatively easy. For organisations with a greater gap to best practice quality delivery, the changes could be substantial with the significant organisational and cultural change required.

How will the success of the BS 99001 be measured?

In the first instant, the rate of adoption by the industry must be the first measure. Ultimately, we should see significant improvements in the quality of construction projects accompanied by fewer cost and timing overruns and an improvement in Safety. Leading to satisfied customers and a more profitable industry.

How can Shirley Parsons help & why should I use you?

The Shirley Parsons team have many years working at the front line of the construction industry across a broad range of sectors in quality delivery in the UK (with Clients, Tier 1 contractors and sub-contractors), and a number of us have been directly involved in the development of BS 99001 and thus have an excellent understanding of the new standard.

We provide a BS 99001 Gap Analysis to help companies identify their position against the new standard and what actions they need to take to ensure effective certification. We also have several other methods of tried and tested tools and techniques available to improve the quality of construction projects.

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