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Shirley Parsons   Health And Safety Professional
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Shirley voted one of SHP’s 25 Most Influential Individuals in H&S

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

​2020 was a strange and challenging one for many, but for some, there were also a number of positives to take out of it.

When the pandemic first hit, Shirley was quick to support HSE businesses across the UK and US by bringing a number of organisations together to knowledge share their handling of COVID-19.

As a result of this, alongside her fundraising and general support for the HSE community, she was nominated as one of SHP’s 25 Most Influential Individuals in Health & Safety. The vote was later won by Hilda Palmer, a campaigner and facilitator of Families Against Corporate Killers, but Shirley, along with all of the top 25 nominees, have received a certificate for the recognition of their achievements.

Whilst Shirley didn’t win, she did receive a number of votes, which were accompanied by some very kind comments on her dedication to the health & safety industry:

  • “She has impacted the health and safety careers of countless numbers of health and safety professionals over the years and as such has changed their lives and influenced the organizations and projects they have gone on to work for.”

  • “She has dedicated 30+ years into developing and bettering the H&S industry and has impacted thousands of organisations by placing the best up and coming, and senior Health & Safety professionals.”

  • “Shirley has spent the entirety of her career influencing lives, keeping workers safe, and now mentoring a younger generation. For the past 15 years, she has been leveraging her network to match outstanding health and safety leaders to companies in need of their expertise and guidance, and these individuals have gone on to achieve tangible results on a global scale. “

  • “Is a true legend within the industry and has been a real leader throughout COVID.”

  • “Highly influential in making sure the industry has such high calibre professionals that keep the industry going. “

  • “For her work helping organisations build and develop strong HSE departments and for her dedication in sharing her vast knowledge for the benefit of others.”

Shirley has been working within the H&S industry for over 30 years now and is as dedicated as ever in supporting clients and candidates across the HSEQ spectrum.