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Pushing Ahead

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

​We’ve all had enough of COVID-19. It’s impacted all our lives, and many people are experiencing a lot of frustration and pain. It’s also ruptured the economy and left a lot of folks unemployed.

With circumstances such as these, it’s easy to become discouraged, and that’s okay, you’re only human and this is an exceptionally challenging time. The important thing is to keep pushing ahead anyway. When you feel like throwing your hands up in defeat, focus instead on what you can control. 

If you, like countless others, have lost your job and are actively looking for a new one, there are steps you can take to help open up opportunities. You can work on your professional profiles (such as LinkedIn), polish your resume, practice interviewing, network, study for your next certification, and so on. Individually, you can’t control the societal impacts of COVID-19, but you can control how you present yourself and how you want to be seen. You get to decide who you are and what you’ll bring to the table. You control how you respond to it all. 

In collaboration with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, Shirley Parsons has recently hosted 3 different webinars covering Candidate Marketability, Resume Building, and Virtual Interviewing. These webinars cover the basic steps you can take to make yourself more attractive to potential employers, and more successful during the application/interview process:

We hope that these webinars will be a useful tool that EHSQ professionals can utilize as they navigate the job search process, but there are countless other tools and resources out there. Connect with colleagues, join an organization, or just research free articles online. Use everything at your disposal.

If you’re reading this far then you’re already making an effort- keep going! Keep pushing ahead and keep investing in yourself. COVID-19 has been devastating, but it is also temporary. Do what you can today, so you can do what you want tomorrow.