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Contract Quality Requirements
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Who needs Contract Quality Requirements Anyway?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago

​If your contract quality requirements are going to sit in a drawer for the duration of the project do you really need them?

The consequences of poor quality have always been project, cost and programme overrun. Now for projects in high-rise social housing, those responsible for poor quality could face a 2-year jail term as well as unlimited fines and unoccupied finished buildings.

Having well-structured contract conditions have never been more critical and there is a best practice model approved by the CQI that can be used for any construction project.

Jon Elliot and David Myers were involved in drafting the best practice model and in this seminar, they will share its key features and how you can adopt it.

The seminar will cover
  • Consequences of poor contract quality

  • Key features of CQI best practice guide

  • The Client perspective

  • The Contractor perspective

  • Implementation

Presented by
  • Jon Elliot, Senior Associate at Shirley Parsons Project Services

  • David Myers, Senior Associate at Shirley Parsons Project Services

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