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How Life After Lockdown May Differ   Pexels Rodnae Productions
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Webinar: "Surprise!": How Life After Lockdown May Differ From What You Expect

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago

On 2nd June 2020, Estelle Clark and Emmanuel Lazaridis from Strategic Arrow were our guest speakers for a webinar on Life After Lockdown and what risks there will be for organisations as a result.


"Surprise!": How Life After Lockdown May Differ From What You Expect

In the context of recovering from economic lockdown, "return to work" isn't just about returning to the workplace. It’s about “return to business”, and exit strategies need to account for many different types of risk.  Emmanuel and Estelle explored some of the key ones, including employee mental health, disruption of corporate culture, changes in supply chains and breaches of security. 


Jonny Montgomery - Shirley Parsons Project Services


Estelle Clark - Strategic Arrow
Dr Emmanuel Lazaridis - Strategic Arrow

Estelle and Emmanuel are founders of Strategic Arrow Limited, a specialist consultancy that coaches leaders in the development of integrated business strategies. Until recently, Estelle was Executive Director of Policy at the Chartered Quality Institute, where she championed the strategic use of governance tools to improve people's lives, producing value for all of a company's stakeholders. She was also CQI’s Head of Profession, setting global standards for the Quality Profession. Emmanuel is a thought leader in tech and digital change, who draws on his legal specialisation in corporate and information law to guide companies towards purpose-driven governance. Both focus on governance as the key quality competence for leaders at all levels of an organisation.

A recording of the webinar can be viewed below: