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Joe Sissons
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Looking for a great career? ‘Take your NEBOSH’

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago

​With the search for a career becoming ever more competitive, you can open up a whole new range of opportunities by simply taking your NEBOSH.

Rhys Nicholas was struggling to find the type of work he was looking for until on New Year’s Eve, 2016, his best friend Joe Sissons, a consultant at Shirley Parsons specialising in construction, gave him the advice he needed to take the next step…’ take your NEBOSH!’.

Following this advice, Rhys took the qualification and the opportunity for a job within the construction industry soon opened up. This led to Rhys climbing the career ladder in the industry he had always wanted to work in with the help of Shirley Parsons who placed Rhys in both of his roles to date.

Rhys told

“It was a fantastic opportunity and one I would never have got if I hadn’t followed Joe’s advice... NEBOSH was the first thing they asked me about at the interview and it almost felt straightaway like ‘you’re in."

Read the full story at and find out how investing a little in your own career development can open up all the right doors to a new career.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a new role in HSEQ, connect with Joe Sissonsor one of our many expert consultants at Shirley Parsons.